We cannot predict the future,

but we can shape it.

Peter Drucker
Galizki & Partner Consulting

Partnership for your long-term success

Some people rather prefer to make their own mistakes. However, experienced partners are a valuable help for corporate success – especially in markets with a foreign culture. Their know-how helps to assess the situation correctly, to avoid mistakes and to reach goals faster.

Galizki & Partner is your partner for entry into Europe. We’ll help you to distinguish important from appropriate markets and to develop the right market strategy for you. As consultants, we also accompany you permanently in the implementation of your strategy:

  • Development of sales structures
  • Supervision of trade fair presentations
  • Development of business partnerships
  • Selection and training of your sales staff
  • Advice on advertising and communication
  • etc.

Advantages for you

  • Immediate increase in market know-how and experience for your company
  • Initially no fixed personnel costs
  • Better risk assessment
  • Fast market entry
  • Faster and higher turnover
  • Cost savings due to well-prepared and long-term planned business processes
  • Sound basis for sustained growth


Take advantage of our many years of know-how in Germany and Europe. We’re a long-term and sustainable consultancy partner – your export success is our goal!

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