If you want to

have an effect on people,

you first have to talk to them

in their language.

Kurt Tucholsky
Galizki & Partner Marketing Services

Understand and address your customer

Who are your customers, end users, partners? What do they want, what drives and motivates them? Which consumption and advertising habits, which distribution channels have to be considered?

The European markets are different and need their own approach. Galizki & Partner helps you to reach your target group with the right means of communication and the right language. In this way you will avoid a “bad” first impression and will strengthen the positive perception of your brand.

We create the marketing mix according to your specific requirements:

  • Product and pricing policy
  • Selection of suitable sales channels
  • Positioning your brand, image building
  • Advice on advertising
  • Communication with translators, media, advertising partners
  • etc.

Advantages for you

  • Marketing according to your market strategy
  • Addressing the target group, with respect to cultural differences
  • Strengthening your brand and market position
  • Well-working distribution channels
  • Growing sales figures


Get a marketing partner with country experience into your team. We advise you and accompany your activities, from product positioning through distribution channels and advertising to measures at the point of sale.

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