Intercultural seminars

A better understanding of German business culture

In our seminars we impart technical and cultural knowledge for your sales staff, e.g. special product know-how, successful sales techniques or modern production management. This knowledge helps in sales activities as well as in the development of long-term business relationships with German partners.

Training from Galizki & Partner includes e.g:

  • Organization and implementation of trainings in Russia and Germany
  • Language support for your employees on site
  • Invitations to company training courses in Germany
  • Intercultural training, e.g. “Business success in Germany”, “Business rules, pitfalls and opportunities in Germany”
  • etc.

Advantages for you

  • Better understanding of the actions of foreign business partners
  • Observance of and compliance with customs regulations, transport and storage peculiarities etc.
  • Higher sales
  • Increasing employee motivation and identification with your company
  • Professional appearance and positive image


Secure sound know-how for your market presence. We will make you fit for Europe!

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